Devotion to the land, care for the environment


CASA BENNA®’s vineyard spreads across 10 hectares south-eastwards. Soil, whose profile is mainly uneven, is made of clay enriched with iron.

This decision allows them to keep vine varieties well separate according to their features and maturation standards.

Moreover, it is easier to distinguish grape types when it comes to harvest and crush.

Some wines are best if aged, others more suitable to be tasted if young.

At harvests CASA BENNA® won’t never give up with this careful selection of grapes that will be always hand-picked and stored in small crates.

A good grape-harvest always comes from a proper terroir, favourable weather condition and right cultivation actions.

Land and soil are never over-exploited and winegrowers produce 9000 kilograms of grapes per hectare on average, and 7000 kilograms per hectare with regard to Gutturnio Classico Riserva.

Also, the number of grapes grown on each Barbera vine is kept low to increase the thickness of the wine as a final result.

As CASA BENNA® is careful towards environment, since 2011 it has implemented a photovoltaic system upon the winery’s rooftop, specifically designed to grant energy to the whole firm.

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