Bonarda Frizzante 2015

Designation of originCOLLI PIACENTINI D.O.C.
Origin Castell’Arquato (PC)
Wine variety 100 % Bonarda
Wine Aging stainless steel
Size 75 cl
Alcohol content 12,5%
Serving temperature 16° C

Bonarda Frizzante eti

Bonarda Frizzante

The Bonarda Frizzante variety is grown on the lowest hill in Castell’Arquato.

Up there, vines are 14 years old on average.

We grow them using the Guyot classic method, and we select the best bunches manually.

After a 10-day fermentation, we decant and filter the must keeping 3,5% of residual sugar.

That step is necessary to move forward with the prise-the-mousse through the Charmat method.

bonarda frizzante
tagliere salumi
Pairings with Bonarda Frizzante

The Bonarda Frizzante is a harmonious wine with a neat and pulpy fruity fragrance.

It is perfect to be served with cured meats and medium-ripened cheese.

Nicely enjoyable at afternoon breaks too.

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