Il Garrito – Gutturnio Frizzante


Designation of originGUTTURNIO D.O.C. FRIZZANTE
Origin Castell’Arquato (PC)
Wine variety65 % Barbera, 35 % Bonarda
Wine Aging stainless steel
Size 75 cl
Alcohol content 12,5% svolti
Serving temperature 18° C


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Garrito Gutturnio Frizzante

The Garrito wine is our Gutturnio Frizzante (sparkling Gutturnio) from Barbera and Bonarda varieties that grow on Castell’Arquato’s lowest hills.

For this wine, we select the best grapes, we crush them and let them ferment for a week before moving them to concrete stainless-steeled tanks for aging.

Then we proceed with the prise-the-mousse step in pressurized tanks in order to gain a delicate perlage and a stronger bouquet.

tagliere salumi
Pairings with Garrito

The Garrito wine distinguishes itself in its delicate foam and strong aroma of black cherry and raspberry.

Ideal with typical cuisine from Emilia.

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