Ortrugo dei Colli Piacentini DOC


Designation of originD.O.C. ORTRUGO dei Colli Piacentini
Origin Castell’Arquato (PC)
Wine variety92% Ortrugo, 8% Trebbiano Romagnolo
Wine Aging Acciaio
Size 75 cl
Alcohol content11,5% svolti
Serving temperature 12° C


slow wine 17Displays the certificate
Ortrugo Frizzante

CASA BENNA® grows Ortrugo variety and Trebbiano Romagnolo variety on the sides of the lowest hills in Castell’Arquato.Sparkling Ortrugo is derived from those ones.

Destemmed and crushed, grapes are pressed so as to separate the skin from the flower must. The flower must ferments at a controlled temperature.

When wine reaches a residual sugar of 1,5% through pouring and filtering, it is time for the prise-de-mousse using the Charmat method.

In January wine is bottled and ready for drinking.

ortrugo bacca bianca
piatto pesce bianco
Pairings with Ortrugo Frizzante

The Ortrugo dei Colli Piacentini holds all the great features of Trebbiano wine and Ortrugo wine, from a light straw-yellow colour to hawthorn perfume, peach flower scent and mineral nuances.

Best if served with seafood dishes.

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