Malvasia Spumante Dolce 2015

Designation of originCOLLI PIACENTINI D.O.C.
Origin Castell’Arquato (PC)
Wine variety100% Malvasia di Candia Aromatica
Wine Aging Acciaio
Size 75 cl
Alcohol content 6,5% svolti
Serving temperature8° C
Malvasia spumante dolce

Malvasia spumante dolce

Malvasia Spumante Dolce

The Malvasia variety grows along Castell’Arquato’s lowest hillside.

Grapes, that are cultivated through the Guyot classic system, are picked in late August, crushed and pressed.

To preserve the residual sugar the very slow fermentation is quit right after 7 days.

The following prise-de-mousse is done using the Charmat system. In December wine is ready for bottling and tasting.

uva malvasia
semifreddo caffè
Pairings with Malvasia Spumante Dolce

The Malvasia Spumante Dolce (sweet spumante) was conceived to celebrate the 100th anniversary of CASA BENNA®

Its colour is bright straw-yellow and its aroma is infused with a scent of Golden-type apples.

Excellent to be served with desserts or at party time!

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