Monterosso Val D’arda – Semi-dry White Wine


Designation of originCOLLI PIACENTINI D.O.C.
Origin Castell’Arquato (PC)
Wine variety35% Malvasia, 15% Moscato,

30% Trebbiano romagnolo, 20% Ortrugo

Wine Agingstainless steel
Size 75 cl
Alcohol content 11,5% svolti
Serving temperature 10° C


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Monterosso Val D'arda Bianco Semisecco Frizzante

The Monterosso Val D’Arda wine is a sparkling, semi-dry white wine, born from a wise mixture of Malvasia, Moscato, Trebbiano Romagnolo e Ortrugo.

It has been considered the traditional white wine in Castell’Arquato DOC since 1973.This vineyard is placed upon the lowest hills in Castell’Arquato.

This wine ferments slowly for 7 days at a controlled temperature, and later on the fermentation is quit to preserve the residual sugar needed to the following re-fermentation, this time through the Charmat method.

At the beginning of the year it is finally bottled.

uva malvasia
Pairings with Monterosso Val D'Arda

The Monterosso Val D’Arda wine is rich in perfumes, among those the Golden-type apple scent.

Excellent for pairing with starters, risotto but also desserts and pastries. It is also a pleasant fruity and aromatic aperitif.

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