Who we are

Led by the bond with the land and the territory SINCE 1916


Winery CASA BENNA® has been owned by Molinari family since 1916. Currently, Andrea Molinari and his nephiew Alessandro Stabile are fully devoted to it.

Andrea manages pruning, vinification and business, while Alessandro is responsible for machine automation and maintenance, bottling and vineyard care.


Great-grandfather Giovanni used to make wine and sell it. He would lead his horse down to Liguria carrying wine, and come back home bringing olive oil.
Molinari family comes from Montezago di Lugagnano. There in 1916, grandfather Pietro bought a small farm named Casa Benna in Castell’Arquato. At that time, the vineyard was a small portion of the overall cultivated land – about 1 hectare – but the wine produced there was already known to be so full-bodied that “it could have been cut with a knife”. In the early 50’s Giovanni purchased the first tractor to replace handwork and eventually in the 60’s CASA BENNA® became a wine-making firm only. With notable long-term foresight, CASA BENNA® has always promoted the D.O.C. Gutturnio.

Giovanni had three children: Pietro, Giusy and Andrea.
Pietro, who sadly passed away in 1997, worked at the design for the “Cantina Nuova” (the new winery) and the advertising plan for the GUTTURNIO RISERVA wine.
From the end of 90’s onward, continuous improvements have been made with regard to vineyard cultivation and wine production, as well as machinery and equipment update.
Since 2011 CASA BENNA® has been a member of F.I.V.I. (Italian Federation of Indipendent Wine-makers), the association that represents wine-makers before government.
Led by the bond to the land and territory, in 2012 CASA BENNA® joined Campagna Amica foundation, and became a direct point of sales “Campagna Amica”, fostering a 100% Italian supply chain, from producer to consumer.

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