At CASA BENNA®, all visitors are warmly welcomed, even non-drinkers!

Wine tourists can, by booking in advance, visit all the different areas of the winery, getting a behind the scenes tour of the journey from vineyard to bottle.

You can visit the vinification cellar, equipped with the most cutting-edge modern technology, and the ageing cellar, with its thick stone walls and original tuff columns that keep the ageing wines fresh, even in summer.

You can also visit the bottling area and see the production line that directly bottles our wines.

From the courtyard, you can admire the vineyards behind the winery and observe their development.

In addition to this, by booking in advance, you can experience our guided tasting tours, which include samples of typical local products.

Our Offers

Come to Casa Benna for a unique experience

alessandro stabile e andrea molinari produttori casa benna

Meet the Winemakers

Making quality wine could only come from the experience of those who, having grown up in a winery, learned and perfected the family tradition.

cantina casa benna

Visit the Winery

You can visit all the different areas of the winery, going on a journey following all stages of production.

Casa Benna vigneto nuovo Bonarda

Stroll Through the Vineyards

Weather permitting, there is nothing more pleasant than a leisurely stroll through the vineyards, in close contact with nature.

Casa Benna Salumi DOP Piacentini e Gutturnio calice Piacedoc

Try the Products

For the last leg of the visit, we invite you to stop in the winery to taste the fruit of our labour, paired with samples of typical local products.

Visit the Winery at Casa Benna

Base Offer

  • Guided Winery Tour
  • Stroll Through the Vineyards
  • Try
  • 2 Wines of Your Choosing

Superior Offer

  • Guided Winery Tour
  • Stroll Through the Vineyards
  • Try
  • 4 Wines of Your Choosing
  • Tour

    Must book in advance

  • Duration

    Winery tours usually last about 1 hour

  • Languages Spoken

    Tours can be conducted in Italian or English

  • Parking

    There is a convenient car park inside the winery for both cars and tour buses

  • Wine Sale

    You will be able to purchase our products at the end of your visit at a special price

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