Il Garrito - Sparkling Gutturnio


Bottle Size

Borgognotta 0.75 l



Sparkling Red Wine


Appearance Analysis

Intense ruby red colour with a fine mousse


Scent Analysis

Small red berry aroma with sour cherry and wild strawberry notes


Taste Analysis

Soft and pleasantly crisp with a balanced body



Guida vini Slow Wine

"Vino Quotidiano" Annata 2016


Gutturnio Festival

Annata 2008 Menzione alla qualità
Annata 2014 Premio alla Qualità

Full Name: Il Garrito
Classification: Gutturnio Frizzante DOC
Vintage Year: 2020
Grapes: 60% Barbera, 40% Bonarda
Growing Method: Guyot
Yield: 9.5 tonnes per hectare
Annual Production: 15000 bottles
ABV: 12,5%
Acidity: 6,5 g/l
Total Dry Extract: 34 g/l
Serving Temperature: Optimal at 16°C
Contains sulfites


Il Garrito is the younger, livelier face of Gutturnio wine.

An intense ruby red colour with a fine mousse, its nose carries the aroma of small red berries with notes of sour cherry and wild strawberry.

Its mouthfeel reveals savouriness, a balanced body and an appropriately acidic backbone that makes it fitting for Emilian cuisine.

Vinification Method

The grape bunches, which are handpicked at harvest time, are carefully selected and placed in small crates. They are then destemmed, pressed and left to macerate for 6 days with regular pumping over.

Particular attention is paid to the fermenting temperature of the Bonarda grapes, thus managing to preserve a young, clear, fruity aroma.

Racking only occurs while the must wine is still sweet and, after said first racking, the mixture is filtered when its residual sugar is at 2%.

After being left to rest in stainless-steel tanks for 4 months, Charmat method secondary fermentation begins, followed by microfiltration and bottling.

Soil and Vineyard Traits

The Barbera and Bonarda vineyards that give rise to this Gutturnio wine are located in the Casa Benna estate, on the first hill of Castell’Arquato, in the province of Piacenza deep within the heart of Emilia.

The vineyards are on average 14 years old and are grown according to the Guyot method on thin, well-drained, specifically suited soil.

Food Pairing

Gutturnio Frizzante is a wine that has forever typified Piacenza’s food and wine culture, as well as being a part of the Emilian sparkling red wine tradition.

It is incredibly easy and pleasant to drink, making it a perfect match for the local cuisine.

Il Garrito is a wine suited to the typical first courses in Emilian cooking, to cold cuts and white meat dishes.

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