Monterosso val d'Arda Semi-dry Sparkling White


Bottle Size

Bordolese 0.75 l



Aromatised Semi-Dry Sparkling White Wine


Appearance Analysis

Straw-yellow colour with golden hues denotes a subtle effervescence


Scent Analysis

Ample floral bouquet enriched by Golden Delicious apple and yellow peach notes


Taste Analysis

Semi-dry, lightly aromatic flavour, resulting in a refined, pleasant drink

Full Name:Monterosso Val d’Arda Frizzante
Classification:Colli Picentini D.O.C. Monterosso Val d’Arda Frizzante
Vintage Year:2022
Grapes:Malvasia 30%, Moscato 20%, Trebbiano rom.30%, Ortrugo 20%
Growing Method:Guyot
Yeld:9 tonnes per hectare
Annual production:3700 bottles
Acidity:6,0 g/l
Total Dry Extract:18 g/l
Serving Temperature:Optimal at 10°C
 Contains sulfites


Monterosso Val d’Arda is the white DOC of Castell’Arquato, recognized DOC since 1974, with a very restricted production area.

It is a sparkling wine with a straw color with golden reflections that immediately denotes a fine perlage. on the nose it boasts a wide floral bouquet, enriched with notes of golden apple.

Vinification method

The bunches are collected manually, selected and stored in small boxes. They are then de-stemmed and pressed, separating the juice from the skins.

The clear juice, free run must, is left to ferment slowly at a controlled temperature for 10 days.

After the first racking, the wine is filtered when it has 2% of residual sugar which is necessary in February-March for the second fermentation with the Charmat method, carried out slowly to preserve the bouquet and have a fine perlage.

Bottling takes place in spring, followed by a short rest before release.

Characteristics Land and Vineyard

Monterosso Val d’Arda is born from the union of 4 grapes: Malvasia di Candia Aromatica Trebbiano Romagnolo, Moscato and Ortrugo.

The vineyards are located on the first hill of castell’arquato in the province of Piacenza, in the heart of Emilia.

The unevenness of the land is converted into a strength by allocating the land to the grapes that best enhance it.

The vines are trained using the Guyot system, in order to have a limited but high quality production.

Food Pairing

Monterosso Val d’Arda is the white DOC of Castell’Arquato.

Fresh Fruity, Sparkling, it is excellent as an aperitif, even as a base for cocktails.

Find an ideal match with biscuit tarts and dry pastries.

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