Casa Benna

Wines of the Piacenza Hills

since 1916 the Molinari family has dedicated itself to the production of Piacenza wines

A tradition that has been handed down for generations, first in Lugagnano Val d’Arda and then, since 1916, in Castell’Arquato with the purchase of the Casa Benna farm by the great-grandfather Pietro Molinari.

Founded as a simple farm, over time it has specialized in winery growing the initial hectare dedicated to the vineyard up to the current 11 hectares.

The passion dedicated by the family to the production of wines and a highly vocated soil mean that as early as 1937 a silver medal was received at a review of Piacentini wines.

The production of our wines is very respectful of the grapes, paying much attention to the whole supply chain. Since 2011 we are F.I.V.I. Italian Federation of Independent Winegrowers and since 2012 we have joined the Campagna Amica Foundation, a direct selling point where we can find our wines from Piacenza.


Our philosophy

Love for the land, passion for the vineyard and attention to the environment. In an enchanted place on the Piacenza hills.

At Casa Benna, we pay the utmost attention to the land and to nature, fundamental for our production of Piacenza wines. The choice therefore of responsible and sustainable agriculture.

For this reason, as early as 1992, we adhered to the “Integrated Struggle” criterion, with the aim of minimizing the use of chemical products, but exploiting a whole series of good management practices.

To increase the quality of our Piacenza wines, we carry out all the harvests manually, to select the best bunches and separate the portions of the vineyard for parameters, allocating the grapes that best suit them to each wine.

National and International Awards

Our Piacenza wines not only in Italy, but also in the world.

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